Coffee & Espresso

Drip Coffee ($1.90/$2.10/$2.30)

Simple & delicious - our house blend (Spice Island) has featured notes of dark cocoa, nuts and toffee. We also serve a great breakfast blend and a light roast! 

Come check our our rotating single origin!

Cold Brew ($2.50/$2.90/$3.25)        

A favorite around here -Course ground coffee beans lovingly steeped for 16-24 hours in cool water - producing a rich, silky & chocolatey brew. Less acidic than traditional iced coffee. 

Latte (hot & iced) ($3.40/$3.80/$4.10)

Espresso, flavor & steamed milk

Mocha or White Mocha (hot & iced) ($3.50/$3.90/$4.25)

Chocolate, espresso and milk. And whipped cream, duh. Yum.

Cappuccino ($3.00/$3.35/$3.75)

Like a latte, with extra foam. Equal parts espresso, milk and foam.

Double Shot "Trodo" on ice ($2.55/$3.30/$3.45)

Espresso shaken over ice, sweetened with agave and topped with the perfect amount of milk. 

Americano (hot & iced)  ($2.35/$3.10/$3.25)

Redline espresso & hot water join forces to create a delicious and bold beverage. 




Chai Tea Latte (hot & iced) Masala OR Turmeric ($3.50/$3.75/$4.00)

Spiced tea with steamed milk. For some people it's "ew," but for others it's "cute." Add some espresso do it for an extra kick! 

Matcha (12 oz. only, $3.40)

Green tea frothed with steamed milk and sweetened with your choice of agave or honey. Amazing health benefits! 

Loose Leaf Tea HOT OR ICED ($2.20/$2.55/$2.90)  

Assortment of delicious loose leaf teas: earl grey, hibiscus berry, jade cloud green tea, jasmine green tea, tangerine ginger & China black tea.

London Fog ($3.40/$3.65/$3.90)

Earl Grey tea steeped in steamed milk & hot water, with JUST the right amount of vanilla. SUH GUHD. It also comes on ice. 


Signature Lattes

** Iced N' Troosty OR Hot N' Troosty ** ($3.50/$3.95/$4.30)   

One of our signature drinks! Espresso, Ceylon cinnamon,'s dang good and definitely our most popular drink. Comes with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle! 

La Latte ($3.45/$3.85/$4.20)

Lavender and vanilla, swirled together with milk and rich espresso. Topped with whipped cream. Tastes like spring!

Neapolitan Latte ($3.50/$3.95/$4.30)

Have you ever had neapolitan ice-cream? It's like that only better because there's espresso in it. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry goodness! 

Carda-Yum ($3.50/$3.95/$4.30)

Cardamom & espresso, coconut & vanilla, delicious & different.

Blended Candy Coffee (16 oz. only) ($4.50)

Any of our delicious flavors blended with coffee, milk, & topped with whipped cream!  


Hot Chocolate OR Steamer ($2.95/$3.20/$3.40)

Hot Chocolate: Delicious and hot and chocolaty.

Steamer: Steamed milk with flavor of your choice!

Since so many little ones order these non-caffeinated bevs, we can also make them less hot. Just ask upon ordering. 

Vanilla Frappe // Strawberry Vanilla Frappe ($4.00)

Milk and vanilla (and sometimes strawberry) blended together for the crazies who come in here and don't want coffee. Whipped cream on top.

Limonana (In season only, 16 oz. only) ($3.50)

Lemonade lovingly blended with spearmint leaves to create the perfect frosty summer drink - popular in Israel. Add a fruit flavor like raspberry or mango for an additional .50! 

Italian Cream Soda ($2.45/$2.70/$2.90)

Soda water, flavor, half&half & whipped cream

Sweets & Eats


Smoked Gouda Biscuit $3.75

Egg (cooked whichever way you'd like: over-easy, French-baked, scrambled) on a warm biscuit with bacon and melted smoked gouda cheese.

Egg & Cheddar Sandwich $3.75

Egg (cooked whichever way you'd like: over-easy, French-baked, scrambled) on a toasted English muffin with bacon and toasted cheddar cheese. 

Brioche Sandwich $3.95

Egg (cooked whichever way you'd like: over-easy, French-baked, scrambled) on a toasted brioche bun with bacon and toasted smoke gouda cheese.

Breakfast Burrito $4.25

Eggs scrambled with onions, peppers, bacon and chihuahua cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with house-made salsa. Great for eating in your car on the way to work! 

Vegan Burrito $5.00

Vegan scramble (made with organic tofu), with sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms and black beans, wrapped in a warm tortilla with garlic aioli. Add avocado for .50 (when it’s in season).

Biscuits & Gravy $5.49

House-made "secret recipe" pork gravy lathered on top of two warm biscuits and topped with melted smoked gouda cheese. Top it with an egg for .99! 

Brown-Sugar & Bourbon Oatmeal $3.99

Oats mixed with browned Kerrygold butter, brown sugar, and bourbon. We set it on fire and serve it up warm and delicious, topped with salted walnuts.

New York Style Bagels $1.99

Cinnamon raisin, plain or everything. Add on your choice of butter or cream cheese.





House-made banana-walnut bread (it's incredible and comes served with a side of jam or butter.) 

House-pressed Stroopwafel (caramel pressed between thin waffles cookies, made popular on the streets of the Netherlands!) 

Pumpkin Slice (seasonal)

Blueberry muffins

Chocolate chip cookies

M&M cookies

Lemon bars

Cinnamon rolls with house-made cream cheese frosting